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Our agency has the chance to count on a variety of different profiles. From developers to web designers and project managers, you will always have someone to talk to.

  • François Fleur


    François Fleur

    Programing explorer, I love above all technological challenges to build, optimize and automate the next web.

    #code #open_source #architecture #vinyl #nature

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  • Pedro Camilo

    Web Developer

    Pedro Camilo

    I consider myself to be a dedicated, self-taught person in a constant process of ever seeking knowledge. My work is developed with passion and each project is a stepping stone to improve my skills.

    #web-development #tea #cooking #martial-arts #reading

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  • Mário Nascimento

    Art Director

    Mário Nascimento

    Design is everything to me. The world has changed and with it the necessity for brands to become increasingly competitive in the organizational and conceptual point of view. The designer’s role is to consider the best way to solve anything and the results are the reflect of the emotional relationship we apply to everything we do.

    #design #artdirector #arte #design_thinking #iade

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  • Aurélien Ardjoune

    Web Developer

    Aurélien Ardjoune

    Curious by nature and kind of Jack-of-all-trades, I have always been attracted by computer science and technology. Disassemble things by myself to learn how they works keep me eyes opened on possible uses.

    #maker #geek #science #electronic #sci-fi

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  • Médéric Beaunier


    Médéric Beaunier

    Passionated by new technologies and technics of all kind, as well as sciences and arts, I am specialized in finding solutions for the sticking points between man and machine.

    #geek #collaborate #science #innovation #art

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  • Duarte Pyrrait

    Web Developer

    Duarte Pyrrait

    I'm an experienced web developer, passionate about transforming business requirements in interactive solutions. I like to keep up to date in related subjects, specially user experience design, programming and productivity tools.

    #music #sports #uxui #frontend #backend

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We are constantly looking for new talents to join the team. If you think your profile will match our state of mind and way of working, feel free to send your resume.

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