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The SNHF trusted us once again for the complete overhaul of the Hortiquid project. The aim was to recreate the visual identity, the UI / UX design and to develop a website with an API for its RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions) online service.

Its identity is inspired by plants, ornamental gardens, representations of knowledge and the architecture of information.

The objective with this new version of Hortiquid is to allow visitors to have a new digital experience in access to a large knowledge base, in a simple and intuitive way where everyone will have the opportunity to find answers or simply ask a question to a real expert.

Its architecture is designed to accompany the evolution of the project and its interface is a compromise between minimalism and ergonomics, for a simple and objective representation of the information to be provided to the user.

Hortiquid - Branding & Web Development Hortiquid - Branding & Web Development

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