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With the internationalization of our agency, we had to create a new visual identity to better represent our values and our ambition to share knowledge and absorb all the multicultural richness of Europe.
Our new brand represents the connection the between the digital universe and the human aspect. It's inspired by the connection of ideas and its transformation in design and development elements.

Our visual identity has been featured in the Branding category of the Graphic Design gallery on @behance

aparticula - Branding & Web Development
aparticula - Branding & Web Development

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A selection of decorations, accessories and vintage furniture for your events

ClientUn Bel Événement

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Kadalys is cosmetics brand from France.


Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

SNHF is an Association of Public Utility and General Interest, dedicated to horticulture

ClientSociété Nationale d'Horticulture de France